Be one with code

Grokbit is the best way to search, browse, and explore code online.

Browsing Showcase

Smarter Search

We’ve built a search engine that understands code.

  • Search for definitions of variables, functions, classes, etc.
  • Get real-time suggestions as you type, even in huge repos
  • Symbols like + or => are important in code, so they are fully relevant when searching
Linux Suggestions

Powerful UI

We give you a flexible multi-pane interface in the browser. Load several large files and searches while the UI remains smooth and responsive.

  • Open and close panes as you wish
  • A preview pane gives you instant results on hover and keyboard navigation
  • All content has a direct, friendly URL for easy linking and sharing
  • Keyboard shortcuts galore, for the nerds among us
jQuery multi-pane demo

See the forest for the trees

We enable you to interact with your codebase at a higher level.

  • Use the summary: operator to quickly grok a file, usages of an identifier, or the entire repo
  • Lines of code (LOC) allow you to gauge the size of a project and its components
  • Use render: to display known files formats, like markdown
summary, render operators in D3

Try Grokbit

Right now we support JavaScript (including ES6), C, and C# (up to 6.0). We plan to quickly add Python, Ruby, Java, and C++. There are a lot of features and improvements currently in the oven, and your feedback will help guide us.

Click on any of the repos below to try our alpha version:

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Soon you'll be able to index any repo painlessly in our web app. Sign up to hear when that's available.

Join the Team

Grokbit aims to simplify common programming tasks. Imagine quickly finding a function's definition and its usages, across multiple repos or revisions, renaming it with a few clicks, and having pull requests automatically generated.

But there's more. By now code repositories store a substantial amount of human culture. Yet it remains hard to dig into a repo, whether it's jQuery, the Linux kernel, or your company's codebase. We want to make code exploration easier and more fun.

Pulling this off requires a wide mix of technologies. We've built lightning-fast parsers in the backend along with innovative data structures to power search and navigation. In the frontend we use web workers, websockets, and dynamic rendering to deliver the best possible UX.

Let's talk If this sounds interesting, maybe you should join us. We're looking for people to work remotely on the project. We don't care about your age, where you live, your gender, or which framework you've been using. We care about furious speed, discipline, and an artist's hunger for great work.